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the why

Many worthy entrepreneurial ventures are passed over by the traditional investment community. Perhaps rightly so? Not necessarily. Isn't it time to modernize how we approach resourcing small business? This marketplace is a part of that modernization.

the how

We are initiating a new sharing-based framework that supports the self-directed resourcing of deserving, prepared entrepreneurs by affiliated community members. This marketplace is a part of that framework.

the program

Kindred accepts applications from emerging to growth-stage companies with low capital requirements for The Kindred Challenge. The program prepares companies to acquire intellectual, relational and financial resources. This marketplace is a part of that preparation.

SWAG & Pre-Sales

In our marketplace you can buy one-of-a-kind brand offerings or get access to a product before it hits the market.

Support these Entrepreneurs

You do not have to be an angel investor to help launch a business!

Product & Service Offerings

Our marketplace contains unique offerings developed by your alma mater's entrepreneurs.

Support these Entrepreneurs

What better way to fund a business than through product sales. Help these businesses grow!

10,000 Small Businesses Alumni

the program

Started by Michael Porter, funded by Goldman Sachs and with entrepreneurial education from Babson College 10KSB prepares already successful small businesses to grow beyond the shoulders of the founders.

the entrepreneurs

Enough can not be said about 10KSB Alumni. They define for the rest of us the resilience and grit required to face the market on a daily basis. These entrepreneurs deserve our respect.

lead by example

For Kindred's entrepreneurs, 10KSB Alumni represent what is possible. We are fortunate to showcase a small number of the 7,5000+ 10KSB Alumni businesses on our marketplace; by supporting them you send a signal to Kindred's entrepreneurs that their dreams are possible.

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